John A. Iwen


John is a CONSUMER SAFETY OFFICER stationed in Davenport IA 52801.
Since 2008, John has audited 468 facilities with 23 other inspectors.

Last Known Inspection
Num Inspections since Jan 2008
483 Issue Rate since Jan 2008
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Map of Last 10 Inspections

Last 10 Firms Inspected

Date of Last InspectionFirm Inspected
2014-08-08River Gulf Grain Co
2014-07-09Metrix Co
2014-07-07Cargill Animal Nutrition
2014-06-12Csl Plasma Inc
2014-05-12Mississippi Valley Reg Blood Center
2014-05-08PB Leiner USA
2014-04-10Saltzman, Dr Ryan/Veterinary Resources, Inc
2013-12-13University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals Laboratory
2013-12-13University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals (UIP)
2013-11-14Dow Agro Sciences