John A. Iwen


John is a CONSUMER SAFETY OFFICER stationed in Davenport IA 52801.
Since 2008, John has audited 481 facilities with 24 other inspectors.

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Map of Last 10 Inspections

Last 10 Firms Inspected

Date of Last InspectionFirm Inspected
2015-04-14Cargill Inc
2015-04-09Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corp
2015-03-27Snyders-Lance, Inc
2015-03-24Yasuko Erickson, MD
2015-03-11Bakers Pride Inc/Jefferson Street Bakery Div
2015-01-14H J Heinz Co
2014-12-18CompleWare Corp
2014-12-04Iowa Donor Network
2014-11-25Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center
2014-11-18ConAgra/Ralcorp Food Group
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