Learn from the mistakes of others

“A stupid man never learns, a smart man learns from his own mistakes, and a wise man learns from someone else’s mistakes.”
A Russian Proverb

This proverb is why 483s are the foundation of any inspection preparation program. Equip your team with instant and robust access to the industry’s most comprehensive collection of 483s.

FDAzilla Get FDA 483s Get the 483s you need with the FDA 483s SERVICE. With the most comprehensive 483 collection in the industry, you can choose from 8,000+ 483s any time you want and download them instantly as a PDF. Almost 150 new reports are added each month. All 483s are searchable by inspector name, company name, and city. Your service includes the ability for one individual to download 483s over a one-year period.

While you may not share these documents to people outside the organization (e.g. consulting firms may not share with clients), you may share the documents to anyone in your organization at any time.

483s have never been more important

483s could be your best weapon in your inspection preparation program.


How it Works

You can view the thousands of 483s that are available in the FDAzilla 483 store. Do a search on your favorite company, city, or inspector, and you’ll instantly see what’s available. New 483s are incorporated into the library each month. Each 483 is carefully tagged by inspector, company, location, and date, so it's easy to locate just what you want.

Find 483s by observation text

For the first time in the industry, the entire FDAzilla library of 483s is searchable via full-text-search. That means that you can type in any keyword or phrase and pull up all matching 483s within seconds. Imagine the actionable intelligence made possible with this tool - for proactive inspection preparation, real-time tactics during inspections, competitive intelligence, and due diligence.

FDAzilla FDA 483 Full-Text Search FDAzilla has developed a proprietary OCR-based algorithm and process that converts 483 PDFs into text - even the old copy-of-a-copy PDFs from 2006. Through this technology, you get unparalleled access to 483s that is simply not available anywhere else.

That's full-text access -- and not just to a few hundred 483s. The FDAzilla library of 8,000+ 483s is one of the largest collections in the industry, and at least 150 new 483s are added every month.

This Full-Text 483 Search service is a premium upgrade.

See available plans that include this FDA 483 Service. Email sales@FDAzilla.com for corporate options.

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