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This InspectorProfile is a report of relevant audit-related information on Angela Glenn, a U.S. Food & Drug Administration investigator who primarily conducts inspections in the area of Human Drugs.

Product Description

This InspectorProfile report is updated through and lists Angela Glenn's 213 inspections in 17 countries: Belgium, Switzerland, United States, India, Germany, Austria, Japan, France, Latvia, Ireland, Bangladesh, Malaysia, China, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Australia.

FDA audits are stressful. Whether you are issued a 483 depends largely on your compliance with GxP and predicate rules; but it can also depend on the Agency's current focus and the tendencies of your specific investigator(s). FDAzilla has curated Angela Glenn's inspection information so that you can mitigate investigator-related risks.

Below is an example of what a FDAzilla InspectorProfile report contains; This is not the actual data for Angela Glenn.

Example Report

Angela Glenn FDA InspectorProfile Overview Example
Angela Glenn FDA InspectorProfile Metrics Example
Angela Glenn FDA InspectorProfile Citations Example
Angela Glenn FDA InspectorProfile Inspections List
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Product details

  • Angela Glenn's metrics:
    • 483 issue rate, total inspections, total 483s
    • Most common citations (based on CFR), CFR description, and citation frequency
    • Total inspections, total 483s
    • Longest / shortest inspection in duration - all time, last year
    • Total warning letters
  • Inspection details for each inspection (since 2000) Angela Glenn has conducted including:

Note: The EIR and 483 documents are sold separately.

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