Katelyn Staub-Zamperini InspectorProfile


This InspectorProfile is a report of relevant audit-related information on Katelyn Staub-Zamperini, a U.S. Food & Drug Administration investigator who primarily conducts inspections in the area of Medical Devices & Rad Health.

Product Description

This InspectorProfile report is updated through and lists Katelyn Staub-Zamperini's 254 inspections in 8 countries: United States, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Korea (the Republic of), Canada, Ireland, and Dominican Republic (the).

FDA audits are stressful. Whether you are issued a 483 depends largely on your compliance with GxP and predicate rules; but it can also depend on the Agency's current focus and the tendencies of your specific investigator(s). FDAzilla has curated Katelyn Staub-Zamperini's inspection information so that you can mitigate investigator-related risks.

Below is an example of what a FDAzilla InspectorProfile report contains; This is not the actual data for Katelyn Staub-Zamperini.

Example Report

Katelyn Staub-Zamperini FDA InspectorProfile Overview Example
Katelyn Staub-Zamperini FDA InspectorProfile Metrics Example
Katelyn Staub-Zamperini FDA InspectorProfile Citations Example
Katelyn Staub-Zamperini FDA InspectorProfile Inspections List
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Product details

  • Katelyn Staub-Zamperini's metrics:
    • 483 issue rate, total inspections, total 483s
    • Most common citations (based on CFR), CFR description, and citation frequency
    • Total inspections, total 483s
    • Longest / shortest inspection in duration - all time, last year
    • Total warning letters
  • Inspection details for each inspection (since 2000) Katelyn Staub-Zamperini has conducted including:

Note: The EIR and 483 documents are sold separately.

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