"Let's not even talk about warning letters. One moderately bad 483 possibly costs us - all in - about $250,000 of internal and external resources."
Former VP, Manufacturing, Global Biopharma Company

ENFORCEMENT ANALYTICS is the industry's first comprehensive inspection and enforcement database where you can search and download data on inspectors, sites, and warning letters.


Comprehensive FDA Inspections Database

"In my decades of experience in the industry, I've never seen anything like this - having a centralized source for inspector and inspection data is extremely valuable."
Morris Sherwood, Director, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

FDAzilla has developed a semi-automated linking algorithm that enables the pairing of warning letters each week. The inspections database is updated every month with the most recent month's data on global FDA inspections since 2000.

FDAzilla 700000 inspections FDAzilla 190000 inspected sites FDAzilla 130000 483s FDA investigator inspectors auditors


Enforcement Analytics is intuitive, easy to use, and meant to be “plug and play.”

  • Registration takes less than a minute.
  • Log in to FDAzilla's portal and get access in minutes.
  • Looking for a specific site? Type in the company name or the city.
  • Looking for an inspector? Type in her name in the search box.
  • Every page can be downloaded into a .csv file for further analysis.
  • Every chart can be sorted by any heading.
  • Profile Your Inspector, Site, or Company

    With Enforcement Analytics, you get unlimited access to Inspector Profiles. Within seconds, you can find your favorite inspector, her inspection key metrics, her entire inspection history since 2000, and even some real-time data on where she might be going next.

    FDAzilla Inspector Profile Metrics FDAzilla Inspector Inspection History

    You can also get metrics and the full inspection history for any site:

    FDAzilla Site Profile Merck West Point

    Armed with this full inspection history and these profiles, your team will be able to better prepare for your upcoming inspection and minimize the cost of any ensuing 483s or enforcement action.

    Your Team Has Questions? You Have Answers

    Some of these answers have multi-million dollar consequences.

    FDAzilla EA competitor 483 FDAzilla EA Favorite FDA inspector FDAzilla EA inspections trending FDAzilla EA new FDA facility due diligence FDAzilla new FDA inspector

    See available plans that include Enforcement Analytics.

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