FDA Enforcement Analytics for Food Companies

FDA Enforcement Analytics for Food Companies

FSMA is Here. How Do You Manage 1,000 Food Suppliers? The advent of FSMA in the US means that everyone in your supplier network can expect an inspector to knock at some point, underlining the imperative for supplier accountability to compliance teams.

What if you could get the complete FDA inspection history of your entire supply chain, updated every month? More and more companies are getting wise about utilizing inspection data to determine which suppliers pose the biggest risk. Find out how FDAzilla's Enforcement Analytics service can help with your compliance, quality, and risk management program.

Quickly Validate Massive Supply Chains
One-stop, verifiable reporting lets you home in on problem suppliers faster.

Maximize Your Staff Resources
Prioritize site visits and save staff time on the ground.

Avoid Documentation and Consolidation Chaos
The report isn’t “on somebody’s computer somewhere.” It’s at your fingertips.

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