Don’t Let FSMA Get You Down

Reduce supply chain risk

Evaluate risk of new suppliers and monitor existing supplier risk levels

Lower Costs of compliance

Reduce/eliminate resources to document, validate, and automate the compliance process

Differentiate with quality

Benchmark your performance relative to your competition, which enables you to differentiate from your competition on more than just cost

Understand FDA trends

Understand emerging FDA trends to stay one step ahead and reduce the likelihood of enforcement actions

Monitor and manage supplier risk

"We have 700 vendors and over 2,000 sites to monitor. Every time one of them has a blip, I want to know". Get notifications for inspection activity and automatically request key inspection documentation, like EIRs and 483s.

Identify low risk suppliers

Your time is precious. Ensure that you focus your efforts on the high suppliers.

Ace your next inspection

Understand inspector history and tendencies. Get instant access to their 483s, Warning Letters, CFR citations, and key areas of focus.

Drill into inspection details

Access all documentation associated with the inspection - like EIRs, 483s, and Warning Letters. Also see CFR citations from the FDA Turbo database
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